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Etwas überraschend kommt eine schlechte Nachricht für die Diablo Community. Die amerikanische Community Managerin "Nevalistis" aka Brandy Camel hat gestern Blizzard verlassen. Danke Brandy für deinen Einsatz für die gesamte Diablo Community.

This is, undoubtedly, one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to write. Not gonna lie, it took me a few tries.

March 27, 2020 will be my final day as Diablo Community Manager, and at Blizzard Entertainment. I’m not leaving for any ill reasons; my team here has always been understanding and kind, every developer I’ve had the honor of interacting with has been delightfully passionate, and the decision to leave was ultimately mine alone. I have an opportunity to explore a new and very different adventure, and if you’re curious about that, I’ll share more about it on my personal channels. Sometimes, opportunity presents itself and you just gotta roll the dice.

What I want to focus on is expressing my gratitude to this community 684 . For welcoming me when I stumbled in at the announcement of Reaper of Souls. For making me feel at home as I was trembling on livestream, fighting stage fright while introducing the expansion to the world. For all the smiles, high-fives, hugs, and selfies at conventions (especially BlizzCon). For the absolute conviction and passion for Sanctuary that I see in every player’s post, whether it’s excitement over the latest Season or constructive criticism for your favorite class. Regardless of highs and lows, this is one of the best communities out there, and the heart of it is warm, caring, and filled with people who just want more Diablo.

Thank you for permitting me to be a part of your community. Thank you for reading my weird blogs 322 and tolerating my terrible puns and memes. And thank you for staying awhile to listen. I’ve had an incredible opportunity learn and grow as person that I’ll carry with me the rest of my life, and I can’t wait to delve the depths of the Burning Hells and face down the mother of Sanctuary alongside the rest of you.

Lastly, rest assured that the Diablo community will be left in good hands. I’ve spent a fair amount of my final weeks here preparing to pass the torch to those who will follow in my footsteps and working with the team here to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible. You won’t be left unheard or unacknowledged, but please be understanding while the next folks get settled in. We’re all here to battle the demons of Hell together, after all!

I’ll see you in Sanctuary, adventurers.

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Geschrieben von Gast am 02.04.2020 um 00:44

Joa recht schade das sie geht , ihre Posts waren eigentlich immer mega gut. Hoffe ihr Nachfolger wird wie sie.

Geschrieben von Gast am 01.04.2020 um 12:25

In China ist ein Sack Reis umgefallen, schnell eine News erstellen! ;)

Geschrieben von Gast am 01.04.2020 um 10:53

hmmmm.. immer noch kein einziger Comment dazu...beschämend..dann mach ich mal einen:
"The D3-community wil never be the same without you, Brandy."
Oder anders formuliert: "Wayne?"

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