Diablo 2 Resurrected: Test der Rangliste & Patch 2.4 Release

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Update: Test der Rangliste

Die Rangliste aus Diablo 2 Resurrected wird ab der nächsten Woche getestet, das schrieb Community Manager Adam vor kurzem im Forum. Neben dem Test der Ladder werden auch noch andere Sachen (Balance, Uber Diablo) getestet und überprüft. Wann wir mit einem offiziellen Start von der ersten D2R Ladder rechnen können, dazu gab es keine Informationen.


It has been a couple weeks and I know I’ve seen some conversation swirling about “What happened to PTR!?”

The next PTR update is on the horizon and this one as noted will be testing ladder. This is expected to launch next week. There are a few things we will be conducting in this PTR with ladder and one of those things will be season rolls and the carryover of items. We will have a few season rolls on expedited timeframes (few days) for PTR which we will be asking the community to test out. More details will be in the PTR update patch notes hitting next week.

On top of that, we are also bringing in the Uber Diablo changes and will be asking players to test that out as well on their end.

Lastly, the team has done some sifting through the feedback from the last couple PTR regarding some balance changes and adjustments. We have some fairly notable changes that will be present in this next PTR for the community so we are looking forward to the feedback.

As for timelines on PTR hitting live, we expect this to be the last PTR update before we finalize for launch. We will take a couple weeks after the PTR concludes to address any feedback and changes we need to apply. During this time we will also be submitting these updates for console certification across all three platforms (Xbox, PS, Switch).

As for ladder, we are anticipating launching that a week or two after 2.4 hits. Why a week or two? Because we want to ensure that we can address any issues that may arise with the launch of a large update like this to a much larger audience than PTR. Sometimes these come up and we want to ensure the integrity and competitive nature of ladder doesn’t run into any snags.

We will communicate the timing for the launch of ladder so players have ample notice on when things will kick off so people can plan ahead!

We will have more next week with the update on the 2.4 PTR! Looking forward to everyone jumping back in to the new changes and ladder testing.

Quelle: Blizzard Forum

Test der Rangliste

In einigen Tagen gehen die Testrealms von Diablo 2 Resurrected offline. Kurz darauf findet aber noch ein finaler Test statt. Dabei wird die neue Rangliste getestet

Wann erscheint Patch 2.4 für Diablo 2 Resurrected? Nach der Testphase für die Rangliste sind keine weiteren Tests mehr für Patch 2.4 geplant. Wenn wir also davon ausgehen, dass die letzte Testphase nächste Woche beginnt und ebenfalls einige Tage dauert, erscheint Patch 2.4 frühestens in zwei Wochen.

Diablo 2 Resurrected: Patch 2.4 Test

A quick update on some of our PTR timings going forward.

We are expecting to take down PTR here in the next week or so after people get their hands on the existing changes. We do plan on putting PTR back up sometime afterwards as we do plan on doing some ladder testing and we encourage people to hop on to try it out as the team wants to ensure a smooth ladder launch after 2.4 launches.

We expect additional balance changes to occur during this ladder PTR update as well. This will most likely be our last PTR phase before launch, but as usual there will most likely be final balance changes that will hit with 2.4 when it goes live.

Thanks for all the feedback in the PTR process.

Quelle: Blizzard

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